Sunday, August 30, 2009

Genesis; Chapter 1

I guess we all of alternative disposition gets asked the question 'how or when did you know?' I usually do not give that question much thought and the answer is cliche'- 'I always knew'.

Surprisingly, my first sexual experience was with a boy and whilst it was ok, my first experience with a girl was mind-blowing. I have alternated between girls and boys since teenage years.

I don't intend to tell the stories as I don't want this blog to be about me and the best I can is provide answers to those who seek to get into the kind of a bisexual.

At the queer bash yesterday, a friend asked me if I ever intend to one day settle to playing for one team. I can't even contemplate.

I have also being asked if I consider what I do as cheating on my wife. Surprisingly, I do not think so as she knows what I am up to and secondly, she realizes that she cannot give me all I need. When it comes to my male partner, am the receptive one. And I do use protection.