Thursday, August 27, 2009


After lurking and snooping on many African gay and lesbian blogs for the last 8 months or so, I felt the need to start my own blog.

This is because although I identify with a lot of what the bloggers write, I do not find a resource for people like me.

Bisexuals are more misunderstood than gays or lesbians and rarely come out. Gays believe that we are just confused closeted cowards who want to hide in a straight society. Straights( If I can call them that) on the other hand believe that we are evil people who are curious about the other side and lie about it.

This being my first post, I will not get into what we are and just say that I am creating a platform for sharing. I spend a lot of time online and will provide links and resources for bisexuals in Kenya. It maybe a story, or a joke or even photos.

I may even provide anecdotes on my life and explain how it is I can manage to have a boyfriend and a wife at the same time with little or no conflict and how I manage that.

Like they say on fm stations..keep it here!


  1. this is bound to get really interesting...
    welcome! ill be reading insights about bisexuals... its great to see how bi's live life..

  2. I second Cuppatea on that one...This DOES sound interesting!

  3. Good luck with your blog.

  4. You bet I'm gonna be keeping it here. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  5. Thanks y'all for visiting. I intend to keep writing.

  6. am looking for a lesbian or rather bisexual woman to be my wife. email me

  7. Hey thz blog was really awsme. revive it man.